The Prayer Book Society
Salisbury Branch

Celebrating and promoting the 1662 Book of Common Prayer
Encountering the majestic language and deep spirituality of the BCP
Re-engaging the Church of England with the roots of her identity and mission


What is the BCP?

  • The foundation of English spirituality and identity.
  • The theological base of the Church of England.
  • A treasure house of language and custom.

Why is the BCP important?

  • Born in the crucible of Reformation.
  • A rich, middle way (via media) between opposing extremes.
  • An inclusive liturgy and spirituality that challenges the relativism of post-modern society.

How do we promote the BCP?

  • By meeting together to use and learn more about the BCP
  • By supporting our member churches, schools and colleges
  • By promoting the BCP and what it represents to the Church of England and the wider Anglican communion.


Regular Meetings

The Salisbury branch organises a programme of meetings throughout the year across the Salisbury Diocese. These range from Garden Parties to Visiting Speakers and our Annual Advent Carol Service.

The Annual Conference

Each year the Society organises a conference at which members can meet to encourage one another and hear from theologians, academics and others who value the BCP.

The Cranmer Awards

The Cranmer Awards offer an opportunity for youngsters aged between 11 and 18 to encounter the BCP and learn something of its rich history and foundational role in the the Church of England and the English language.


An annual public speaking competition in which young people aged between 11 and 18 compete in reciting passages from the Book of Common Prayer.

HRH The Prince of Wales presenting the prizes at the 2019 Cranmer Awards National Final at Lambeth Palace

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Competition Rules

Cranmer Awards 2020

Competition Rules:



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Local Heats

The Salisbury Heats

  • Ramsbury Area Heat
  • Sherborne Area Heat
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Entering candidates

How to Enter

  • Use the form below to contact the organiser
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The National Finals

The National Finals

Will be held at the Old Deanery, Worcester in February 2020



Join the Society

Membership of the Society is open to all who are in sympathy with our aims. The suggested annual subscription is £38 for all at an address. Some choose to pay more to support our work, others pay what they can.

Members receive the Prayer Book Today magazine three times a year and the journal Faith and Worship twice a year.

Ask your parish to use the BCP more

The BCP is often sidelined in parishes but there is growing evidence that it is attracting younger people seeking something more than Common Worship.

Help publicise the Cranmer Awards

The BCP is for everybody, including young people. The Cranmer Awards offer youngsters a opportunity to discover cultural riches they might not otherwise encounter.

Help us by telling your parish and local schools about the competition and encouraging them to enter.


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